The Tapestry of Tales

Cia Anderson has just started eighth grade. She’s worried about what to wear, whether or not the boy she had a crush on will ever talk to her again, and how her classmates would act if they knew that she’d spent the end of seventh grade fighting fairy tale characters. Her best friend, Romy, thinks it makes Cia cool, but Cia’s not so sure. She just wants to fit in.

But when Cia discovers a plot by the Evil Queen to steal the talents of kids all over the world, she realizes that she’s the only one who can stop it. Cia, Romy, and a classmate they accidently kidnap set off on a cross-continental adventure to thwart the queen, enlisting the help of a treacherous goblin, a fairy tale princess, and a shapeshifting storyteller.

And along the way, Cia might just discover that magic is stronger and scarier than she ever thought and that the Evil Queen is not the only one they have to worry about…


“A wild adventure middle grade readers will love.” — Goodreads

“A whirl of plots, sub-plots and fairy tale tropes.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Tween approved! Lots of adventure and positive messages. What a fun read! My tween son, who loves all things mythology and fables, says he gives this five stars! Great for girls and boys alike.” — Amazon