The Princess Revolt

Cathy signing The princess Revolt at the Texas Library Association Conference

Cia Anderson hasn’t slept in ten days, but she doesn’t feel one bit tired. She knows that something is up, even if no one but her best friend believes her. Hundreds of pairs of shoes have appeared in her locker, small woodland animals are trailing her and the only boy she’s ever had a crush on has been quarantined with a mysterious illness. There’s even talk of closing her middle school.

Something strange is going on. Something fairy tale related.

Cia discovers that she has accidentally upset some fairy tale characters who are trying to find their happily ever afters in the modern world. Desperate to set things right, Cia enlists the help of Cinderella’s stepsister, gets kidnapped by Snow White’s dwarves, and makes a deal that she might regret with the Evil Queen; all while trying to stay one step ahead of the furious princesses who want her dead.

Turns out there’s nothing meaner than a fairy tale character who can’t find her prince charming.

Cathy signing The princess Revolt at the Texas Library Association Conference


“Readers will be captivated by Cia’s lively voice while discovering that they may wish to view fairy tales through an updated lens. A solid purchase for middle grade collections where fantasy is appreciated.” — Nancy Nadig, School Library Journal. Read full review.

“Any reader who loves magical adventures and references to classic fairy tales will not want to miss this one.” — Kristina Pino, Booklist. Read full review.

“A lovely message about believing in yourself and giving for others wrapped in adventure and humor.” — Edelweiss